Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits - Minneapolis SinglesBenefits, you ask? Where do we begin?!? Minneapolis Singles has a host of unique benefits you can find nowhere else from a local matchmaker. We stand out from the crowd because we blend traditional values and personal interactions with high-tech online tools and management strategies. This is a dating solutions service that manages the best of both worlds.

Most online dating companies have the convenience part covered: you can scroll through profiles from the comfort of your own home to your heart’s content. Many of those profiles are disingenuous or even entirely fake, and there’s no real personal connection with online chat, so temper your expectations if you’re expecting genuine romance…

On the other hand, Minneapolis Singles specializes in exceeding expectations when it comes to creating new couples. It’s all about our personal touch. We pre-screen for safety and compatibility, which helps eliminate wasted time and disappointments. Our members are all ambitious and eligible Twin Cities singles who are eager to explore dating as a path toward a stable and loving relationship. And we handle all the details for you, so you’re free to fully enjoy the fun and thrill of dating.

We’re no slouches when it comes to convenience, either. But this is real convenience with a purpose and a goal, not just the empty ease of checking out profiles on your smartphone. Real convenience is having choices of how to interact with other members and find matches:

  • Browse profiles on your own, or review member profiles specifically chosen for you by our relationship specialists
  • Attend our exclusive members-only local dating events, speed dating nights, or travel excursions, all with concierge support
  • Ask our dating experts to arrange one-on-one dates for you with other members who catch your fancy

Membership Benefits - Minneapolis SinglesRelationship Specialists and Why They Are Wonderful

The last benefit is the most important one: you have professional matchmaking support on your side from our amazing team of relationship experts. These are Twin Cities locals who know the area intimately and have a real handle on the unique challenges of being single and looking for that incredible relationship.

We’d love to tell you more about the benefits of membership. Call us today at (952) 653-9887, or contact us online for more information. Find out first hand why we are the best local matchmaking service.