40+ Singles and Dating

Dating in Your 40’s… Saving the Best for Now!
We can’t hide this from you and you’re going to find out about it soon enough, so we may as well tell you up front:

Your 40’s is THE prime time in your life to enjoy dating,

discover relationship bliss and find a soul mate!

40's DatingHow do we know? Because that’s what our Minneapolis members tell us. We have lots of singles in their 40’s who are eager to date and find someone fun, a true companion and not just a “hook up.” Our members have discovered that dating in your 40’s opens up whole new opportunities of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Why now is the time for you to find a companion who shares your relationship goals

Let’s talk about you! It’s very likely you share a lot in common with our other Minneapolis Singles Company members:

  • You are well-educated or are smart in your own right
  • Your career is secure and you are financially comfortable
  • You are not interested in the “hook up” scene
  • You’re ready to find someone to take the next step with in a relationship, someone who you can share a deeper connection with

40's DatingYou may recently be on the other side of a divorce, or widowed, or maybe just now is the time everything has fallen into place and you’re ready to find someone special. Where you’re coming from is less important than where you’re eager to be: in a happy, satisfying relationship filled with great experiences and love.

What you’ll discover by dating in your 40’s is that now is the perfect time to have that destination in mind. There are a lot of potential partners in Minneapolis who share your feelings, and you can find a partner who is fun, compatible and perfect for you… and we want to help!

Minneapolis Singles is made to help your dreams come true 40's DatingMinneapolis is known as a friendly city, but jumping into dating can still be intimidating. Minneapolis Singles takes away the pressure and handles all the planning: this is matchmaking that’s designed to optimize your ability to settle in and just have fun, and see where romance takes you!

This is your time to make a great relationship happen… come with us, we want you to meet some really great people!