Senior Friendly Dating

Senior DatingDating into Your Senior Years… It’s Not Over Until You Say It’s Over!

There’s a trend in Minneapolis, and in America at large, that you might have noticed: more seniors than ever before are dating again. The reasons are easy to understand: seniors are discovering that the search for fun, romance and companionship does not have an expiration date. There are opportunities everywhere for seniors who want a second (and sometimes third, or fourth!) shot at finding a lifelong companion.

Seniors are LOVING the dating lifestyle… here’s why

  • We’re healthier and living longer because of improved healthcare and lifestyle awareness, and now we have more years to share with someone we love.
  • It’s not just improved health, we’re living with more vitality and an undiminished zest for life: we want to get out there, meet new people and enjoy new experiences.
  • Our generation of seniors is more socially and sexually liberated, more ready to connect with friends and fellow lovers of life, more willing to give love and romance another chance.

If you are a senior and you’re still on the fence, stop wondering: YES, there is still time to find a companion to share love, fun, adventures and romance with, to grow together, to share in life’s great joys. Thousands of other single Minneapolis seniors feel the same way as you and are ready to take the plunge and begin dating again!

Minneapolis Singles is helping seniors date and find romance
We are #1 when it comes to helping Minneapolis seniors re-enter the dating world, whether you want to sashay in, just dip your toe, or jump in with both feet! We make it comfortable, convenient and fun, with a host of dating concierge services designed to help you put your best foot forward and concentrate on what’s important: meeting a group of fellow fun and romance seekers eager to write a new chapter in life.

Senior DatingWe also take care of all the matchmaking details, including assisting you online or over the phone with the application process, navigating our website, connecting with other seniors, planning dates and much more. Minneapolis Singles is THE matchmaking service of choice for Minneapolis seniors ready to find love again.

There’s plenty of time still, why not enjoy it? We’re here to help!