Personal Service

Personal Service - Minneapolis SinglesThe Internet has many benefits, however it falls a little short when it comes to creating contact that is warm, genuine and destined to last. That’s why at Minneapolis Singles, we prefer the traditional ways of bringing people together face to face in order to create stronger connections.

Face to face is how it all begins: we invite you into our Minneapolis offices so we can meet you, chat, find out your preferences and what you find attractive in a partner, and then begin to strategize how we can make it happen. Could we do it all online, like other matchmaking companies? Sure, but then we wouldn’t be head and shoulders better than the rest!

Need more time with our expert team of dating specialists? No problem, drop by the office and we’ll sit down with you one-on-one to discuss how you’re doing. We can talk about what’s working, what could use a little adjusting, and how we can get you to where you want to be. Don’t need any extra help because we’ve already connected you with someone wonderful? You’re still welcome to come by and chat, we love to hear about your romance successes in person!

Personal Service - Minneapolis SinglesPersonal service is also how we let you focus on the fun parts of dating, without needing to stay on top of all the planning and organizing. You’re busy with your career, activities and friends… we get it! Time is scarce and every moment our dating coordinators free up for you by handling things like arranging great dates, making reservations, sending flowers, even finding a babysitter, these are moments you get back to actually get out and enjoy meeting special new people. Need us to find you a wedding planner or make honeymoon arrangements? Wouldn’t be the first time!

If you’re ready to try something better than the same old online dating routine, call us today at (952) 653-9887, or contact us online for more information. We can help you meet someone really special and help you make a lasting romantic connection.