Career Woman Ready for Love

50+ Singles and Mature DatingDear Eloisa:I’m a fifty-three year old single woman and I have never been married. Many seem to think this is odd. It’s just that I’ve been so focused on my career and building my company, so I never seemed to find the time for genuine love or a serious relationship. I’m at a point now though where I would really like to share my life with someone special. However, at my age is this feasible? Can I really find a life partner for the first time at fifty-three? Just wanted to get your thoughts on my situation.

Patty – Edina, MN

Dear Patty: It is never too late to find true love and it is certainly never too late to pledge your life to another, regardless if you’re fifty or eighty. Some of the best, most gratifying relationships I have ever seen are those in which both people are older, more experienced, and consequently more in touch with who they really are and what they need from another person.

I think the fact that you were focused on your career and on building a robust and successful company is terrific. Men can get away with it, why can’t women. Kudos to you. And now that you are ready to take that step into real love and potentially marriage, I feel that it is crucial for you to sit down and really examine your feelings and thoughts. Rushing into a relationship just to gain the experience of a relationship is a huge mistake. Take your time, understand your own needs and look for that single man that complements you perfectly.

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